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Poorage - 1/LF & HA/2 (Cassette)

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  1. The upper frequency limit of a standard audio cassette is around kHz, depending on the material. Higher bandwidth can be achieved with higher tape speeds. Studio devices are using 19 or 38 cm/s instead of the cm/s of the compact casset.
  2. Function and fashion combine to create Hu-Friedy’s IMS Infinity Series Cassettes. The innovative hole pattern and rail design significantly increase exposure to instruments during reprocessing, creating an optimal environment for cleaning and sterilization.
  3. This is an elegant comb honey system which incorporates 40 cassettes into a single super pack and fits into a /4 inch comb honey super. The bottoms of each tray are coated with pure cappings beeswax and are readily accepted by bees. When sections are full they are removed as a unit from the super, separated into individual trays and the covers (included) are placed on the combs.
  4. Type 1, Normal Bias, cassettes. These range from entry level, for everyday recording, to some of the best cassettes ever made. Don't be fooled by the moniker "Normal".
  5. MTP to 6x LC Duplex 12 Fibers MTP® Plug-n-Play Modular Cassette is mounted in FHD series rack or wall mount enclosures for high-density fiber cabling. FS United States Free shipping on orders over US$ Delivery times may be longer than usual due to COVID effect.
  6. FSA presents its first drivetrain: after years of study and development, K-Force WE is ready to ride. K-Force WE is a high-tech electronic groupset with an elegant design.
  7. FHZ series MTP® to LC cassettes featuring tool-less installation, save up to 90% time comparing to field teminating.
  8. Each Cassette Tape is a Full-track Master tape (not a copy). Cassettes are recorded OFF SHELL (except azimuth, 5 Hz RAMM and 1 kHz Track Alignment Tapes) using an OTARI " (mm) Reel-to-Reel MXBIII-F-P4 Production full-track tape recorder and professional test equipment from conlaycirechefasecasatenchuker.coinfo Capstan motor of the tape recorder is controlled by digital Quartz- Locked PLL.

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