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  1. In surgery, a surgical incision is a cut made through the skin and soft tissue to facilitate an operation or procedure. Often, multiple incisions are possible for an operation. In general, a surgical incision is made as small and unobtrusive as possible to facilitate safe and timely operating conditions.
  2. Examples of incision in a Sentence the surgeon made a thin incision with the scalpel Recent Examples on the Web The doctor, David George Alsop, made an incision in an attempt to drain any infection under the skin.
  3. incision a surgical cut into soft tissue; a notch as in the edge of a leaf Not to be confused with: abscission – an act of cutting off; the process by which plant parts, such as leaves, are shed in·ci·sion (ĭn-sĭzh′ən) n. 1. The act of incising. 2. Medicine a. A cut into a body tissue or organ, especially one made during surgery. b. The scar.
  4. Incision design is one of the keys to a predictable regenerative result. Ideal incision designs provide complete access to the surgical site without compromising the .
  5. incision A surgical cut made to achieve access or to allow discharge of unwanted material such as pus. The placement of surgical incisions is often a matter for judgement involving considerations of subsequent wound strength as well as good access. Collins Dictionary of Medicine © Robert M. Youngson ,
  6. Jan 28,  · Whether a C-section is planned or unexpected, this procedure involves surgical incisions and the potential for scars. Learn more about the types of incisions and closures used during C-sections Author: Valencia Higuera.
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